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The Society

For all womankind

Our Society was designed to include, highlight and share the stories from and about women around the world. We have created this community to amplify the voices of the women that do incredible things, make a difference, and simply share our Back Bone ethos.

For All WomanKind

Dedicated to all women who show their strength everyday.

Our mission

We want to be able to do our part in women's lives. We provide resources such as our library of master classes in various fields and topics that women will be able to utilize for both personal growth and skill learning.

our collections

Our collections represent the power and strength within women. We create pieces to bring out every woman's divine femininity.

The real change

We advocate for the rights of women everywhere and through our partnerships, conversations with policymakers, and collective efforts we can make a long lasting change.

Getting involved

Subscribe to our newsletter and social media accounts to find out how you can join us on our Back Bone journey. From attending special events to having your articles on our society page, we are always looking to enrich the lives of women everywhere.

Become Part of the society

Want to see your essay featured on our Society page? Fill out our contact form to review, collaborate, and publish your first Back Bone Society piece!

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