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'23 events & Collaborations


Back Bone Society is a women owned and ran fashion brand seeking to provide all women with an outlet for empowerment. We are using fashion to provide resources for women such as our library of master classes in various fields and topics that women will be able to utilize for both personal growth and skill learning. Our Back Bone Society also has partnerships with various organizations to build collective change and awareness to women's issues.

Strengthen your backbone

Our CEO's message to women everywhere

Strengthen your backbone

Our CEO's message to women everywhere

Partnerships & Collaborations

Discover more about what makes Back Bone Society and how we can work together to spread change.

Planned Parenthood

Back Bone's The 9th Collection donates 30% of the proceeds to help fight for women's reproductive rights.

Endometriosis Foundation attendance

Our Back Bone Society team was able to attend the EndoFound's Blossom Ball to celebrate everyone who has worked dilligently for the endometriosis cause.

Upcoming Events

Back Bone Society's upcoming events and tradeshows.

“Timeless and iconic pieces... I am a proud ambassador of Back Bone Society.. From their activism to apparel, everything about them is so authentically meaningful.”

– Patricia Coleman