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The Xavier Robe - Back Bone Society - Lingerie
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Innovative wholesale


Our Back Bone Promise introduces an inventive take on the conventional wholesale model, ensuring that our network and expertise contribute to the expansion of your brand and marketing efforts.

The Poppy Asymmetrical Bodysuit - Back Bone Society - Lingerie

our promise

As a brand, we can empower eachother through mutual benefit. The Back Bone Promise is that with us, you can take your business to an elevated level. We believe that our partnership can create a cross-pollination of ideas, best practices, and industry insights.

your custom fit

We tailor our approach to address the uniqueness of your business. We will give you the space to grow your business in an unimaginable way. By collaborating with Back Bone, you will expand your reach and tap into a wider customer base.

innovative wholesale

join us

We are all about helping you succeed and making our partnership a huge success. Our marketing professionals will guide you every step of the way and focus on core driving profitability and sustainable growth. Reach out to our team to open the doors to new horizons.